Last week I had the privilege of presenting at a holistic health retreat for women. The location was a beautiful cottage in Suttons Bay with gorgeous views. And by gorgeous, I mean the kind of views that make you pause for a second to breathe it in while the noise of life gets a little quieter. I think every one of us at the retreat fell head over heels for the huge windows and sparkling blue waters. Northern Michigan is magical.

 The three day retreat was filled with delicious and nourishing food, guided meditation, yoga, sessions on finding a healthy life balance, inner voice, and much more. So often women are the last to care for themselves and are running on empty. We are challenging that pattern by teaching how self-care allows you to be more present in your daily life. One of the best projects you will ever work on is you and creating a time and space for that is the first step.

 It was a privilege to come along side these women and witness such transformation. My heart is in this work. It is needed. It is life-giving. It is a gift.

Here are a few photos from the weekend to give you a glimpse of what was there. If you are interested in more details or would like to join me at the next retreat, click on I would LOVE to see you there!

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Self-care is not Selfish

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