Tonight was the night!

Mackenzie was gushing about the daddy daughter dance from the moment she woke up.

She wanted curls in her hair, blush on her cheeks, and her sparkly gold shoes. 

As I helped her get ready, she told me all about the plans she had made with her friends at school. They would drink hot chocolate, eat candy hearts, run circles around the dads, and her best friend was even going to teach her how to do the worm. It was going to be the Best.Day.Ever!

As I let her excitement swirl around us, I could almost remember being six and feeling like the most amazing thing was just around the corner.

The world and all its glory was mine to discover

Somewhere between 6 and 36, I lost a bit of that sparkle. I didn’t realized it was gone until I saw life through the eyes of my baby girl, and now I am determined to bring it back.

Maybe not in all the glory of six year old innocence (my days of running circles around grown men and throwing my body on the floor are long gone!), but certainly through the daily choice to view each day, each challenge, each opportunity as though the most amazing thing is just around the corner. 

Life is much too short to let our sense of accomplishment be determined by a to-do list and our zest for living become diminished by circumstances we cannot control. I am dusting off my sparkly gold shoes and embracing this beautiful mess of life that I get to call my own.

Who wants to grab their dancing shoes and join me?!


Live a life of constant anticipation, fearless resolve, and inexplicable joy.   – Bob Goff

Lessons From A Six Year Old

One thought on “Lessons From A Six Year Old

  • March 2, 2018 at 9:36 pm

    I adore her and all that she brings to this world…and that you two get to live this life with the joy of her presence. I can see Scott’s delight in his daughter in that picture…in the same way I see all of Mackenzie’s joy and excitement and zest for life bursting forth from her beautiful blue eyes. So beautiful…of of it…all of you ❤️


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