This summer has been a beautiful and busy season of extra time with our children, plenty of fresh-air, and being intentional about carving out more time for my own personal growth. Sweet memories have been made, and it has been wonderful reading more books and getting hooked on podcasts. There are so many encouraging and inspiring people out there telling their story!

At first, I found it ironic that the majority of the books and podcasts I was enjoying had an underlying theme of the power of our thoughts. But after a few weeks, I began to realize that this was no coincidence. Our thoughts affect everything we do, say, feel and believe to be true; and it was time for me to become more aware of my inner dialogue and make sure I was speaking truth.

I am the typical, type A, perfectionist who holds myself to a high (sometimes too high) standard. I do not like to take risks because I do not like to make mistakes, and the idea of failure makes me want to curl up and hide. Obviously, stepping away from a stable career as a physical therapist and beginning to think outside the box for my own business venture goes against everything that makes me feel in control. Too.Many.Unknowns. What if leaving my career is a mistake. What if no one values my work. What if I FAIL.

We all have areas that we feel inadequate…insecurities that keep us questioning our worth and wanting to keep playing it safe. When you feel challenged or vulnerable in one of these areas, you may quickly find yourself down a slippery slope surrounded with every possible reason that you are not enough.

You are not good enough

You are not smart enough

You are not skinny enough

You are not creative enough

You are not disciplined enough

You are not pretty enough

You are not brave enough

You are not loved enough

You are not accomplished enough

And the list goes on depending on the day and what situation we are faced with. Here is the problem: When we don’t sort through our thoughts, they will gradually become our truths. We will be living a life of fear because our identity and perception of truth is rooted deeply in lies. I want to encourage you to take the time to listen and become aware of your own thoughts. Be especially mindful about the way you think about yourself. If there is a specific negative thought that comes to mind, ask yourself where it is stemming from. Is it driven by fear? Insecurity? Take the time to acknowledge where your mind goes, and begin to offer a new perspective. Begin to offer yourself Grace.

After years of living in fear that I wouldn’t measure up, that I would end up a disappointing mess of unmet potential, I am finally finding peace in the truth that I AM NOT ENOUGH. The beautiful and redeeming part of this is found in Grace. I am free to live out my God-given purpose without fear of failure because there is GRACE ENOUGH to cover all the ways I fall short. You and I don’t have to be perfect (thank goodness!), and once I started to believe that for my own life, the fear of not being enough began to fade.

The negative thoughts will still show up (especially when we are faced with challenges), but we can choose to replace them with the Truth –  you are covered by Grace and that is enough.


Grace Enough

2 thoughts on “Grace Enough

  • July 29, 2017 at 5:07 pm

    Thank you for the reminder, Stacy. You and I have always been perfectionists and this is a great reminder about the role and purpose of grace. -Ann Rochelle

    • July 29, 2017 at 8:28 pm

      Ann, thank you for your kind words! Life is so much sweeter with grace.

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