This summer we were part of a local CSA (community supported agriculture) which means every Tuesday at 4:30, I picked up our weekly share of fresh veggies, fruits and herbs. It was such a great experience and really kept our need for store-bought produce to a minimum. Now that the growing season is wrapping up, I am trying to figure out how to grocery shop like “regular people.” It certainly doesn’t help that our local Meijer is undergoing a complete transformation and I get all flustered when the ketchup is now temporarily shelved next to the diapers and they apparently cannot decide what order to display the meat. This month, I decided to head over to Costco to stock up on some staples and let Meijer get their shiz together. There are a handful of things that I ALWAYS put in the cart and I even tried a few new things this trip that were definite winners. Here are the things that my family is currently loving:


These chicken skewers have been a long-time favorite. We had a group of friends over last weekend and I knew these would be a perfect addition to the menu. They are already pre-cooked, so all you have to do is throw them on the grill or pop them in the oven for a few minutes to heat them through. The seasoning is amazing and pairs well with a salad, rice, grilled veggies, or even on their own for an appetizer. These are a definite winner!





My usual brand of chicken sausage was missing, so I hesitantly bought these. I usually try to avoid meat that has “sugar” listed in the name, but I decided to compromise since my options were limited. Trying something for the first time at Costco can be a bit intimidating. It is one thing when you buy a pack of 4, but at Costco, you are carting 16 of them. It’s like committing to a second date before you even experience the first one. Risky! Thankfully, there were no regrets with these. We threw a few on the grill for one meal and sauteed brussel sprouts, chopped apples and sliced sausages for another round. Both ways were delicious.





Best organic peanut butter out there for both value and taste. The end.








These were a great sweet snack that does not have any added sugar. Full disclosure, however, is I was the only one that really liked them, and one person should not and probably could not eat an entire Costco bag of these before they get a bit stale.






Pistachios are a great option for a non-meat source of protein with added benefits of minerals (ie: magnesium) and vitamins. I mix these in with no sugar added dried fruit and a couple dark chocolate chips for a healthy trail mix or eat a handful on its own.






No sulfur dioxide added to these babies which means they won’t be a pretty orange color BUT they taste amazing and are healthier without the preservatives. Two grams of fiber, one gram of protein and a good source of Vitamin C, Vitamin A and Iron makes these a great grab and go snack. I will even chop up a handful and add it to my oatmeal in the morning.






Costco had this kombucha by the case and it was a huge savings compared to buying them by the bottle. Kombucha has so many good things going for it including probiotics for healthy gut flora and much lower in calories and sugar compared to soda. If you haven’t tried it before, I would definitely recommend giving it a shot, but don’t spend the money for a case until you know it is something you are going to enjoy. I had not tried the Suja brand before, and it is actually now one of my favorites. I love the ginger flavor and it is not too sweet. My husband actually likes it as well, however, he still has a different carbonated “beverage of choice.”






I just saw an article yesterday that Costco is going to start offering a home-delivery service for a variety of non-perishable items. My fingers are crossed that this is not just a rumor because it said free shipping on all orders over $75, and I swear I have that covered when I purchase the 75 rolls of toilet paper and 50 rolls of paper towel that come packaged together. It never looks as big in the store!

For those of you who have a membership, I would love to hear what your must-haves are from Costco or…if there is anything you tried and said never again. We have all had regrets!

Costco Favorites

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